Wednesday, July 24, 2013

While We're on Burglary Prevention - Window Shopping

Many burglary prevention materials out there contain language about not putting valuables by windows. They speak of electronics, jewelry, money and other items that can be pulled through a window quickly. Let's take a moment and consider another type of valuable that is rarely mentioned.

INFORMATION. Your information is valuable to someone at some point for some purpose. The intruder is looking to make their efforts easier.  So what can be seen from your windows?

Can an intruder see a calendar? Does that calendar contain vacation dates, children's appointment schedules, your doctor appointments, or other similar data? What else is left by windows, on tables, and car seats-dashboards-floors?

Take a moment and walk around the house to look into the windows. What do you see? What will a bad guy see?

On a related note, what is in the pictures you and your family are posting on the internet? Are there pictures of that calendar? Valuables?

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